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GM Group Business Development and Strategy

MALLAM BABA YUSUF is the General Manager, Group Business Development and Strategy saddled with the responsibility of supporting NAHCO Plc and its subsidiaries in developing, executing and sustaining strategic initiatives.  He is also in charge of Business Development for NAHCO Plc and its subsidiaries.

He is an alumnus of the INSEAD Business School’s Executive development program with certifications in Competitive Strategy, Strategy Execution and Blue Ocean Strategy. He also has certifications in Project  Management, Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing (GIS & RS) amongst others.

A certified Strategist from Planning to Execution and a chartered IT Professional, with over two decades experience covering leadership, strategy, administration, systems integration, business process re-engineering, business development, change management, conflicts resolution,  and projects management, Baba also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Management Information Systems from the Institute of Data Processing London.

Prior to joining NAHCO Plc, he was also involved in other major strategy, IT/ Business Process Re-engineering, Business Development, Business Modeling as well as Projects Management initiatives in the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and Nigeria.

Baba is a member of various professional bodies including; The Chartered Institute for IT (British Computer Society), Institute of Analysts and Programmers of the United Kingdom, and the Chartered Institute of Strategic Managers and Leaders, USA.