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Norbert Bielderman remains the MD/CEO  [11/11/16]

NAHCO AVIANCE: Norbert Bielderman remains the MD/CEO

It has come to the attention of the Board of Directors of the Nigerian Aviation Handling Company Plc., (nahco aviance) that some individuals and bloggers have been spreading unfounded, malicious and false information to the effect that the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of the Company, Mr. Norbert Bielderman, has been sacked or forced to resign. All such reports, especially and particularly by Sahara Reporters are completely false and misleading.

For the avoidance of doubt, Mr. Norbert Bielderman remains the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of the Nigerian Aviation Handling Co Plc. He has not and did not at any point resign his appointment; neither did the Board of Directors request same from him at any time.

The Board of Directors of the Company fully supports the MD/CEO, Mr. Norbert Bielderman, and the great work he is doing in nahco aviance. We wholly endorse his various initiatives aimed at further consolidating the leadership position of the Company in the ground handling sub – sector of the Nigerian aviation industry.

As a publicly – listed Company of international repute, any change in leadership at nahco aviance would be communicated to regulators; and to all stakeholders and the general public after such had been duly approved by regulators.

The Board of the Company of the Company is not investigating the MD/CEO. The Board also had no communication from any investigating authority, law enforcement agency or anti-graft commission that Mr. Bielderman was being investigated for any breach of the law. We regard all attempts to lump or attach the person of the MD/CEO together with matters in which he was completely innocent and not a person of interest; as not only malicious, but also a manifestation of extreme wickedness.

For individuals and news websites to lend themselves to the dubious and dirty task of detractors intent on destabilizing the Company and impugning the character of a hard – working private individual is condemnable to say the least. The minimum one expects from any self-professing credible news medium is for that medium to double check its facts before rushing to publish, except of course, if it had other undisclosed agenda.

The Board of the Company wishes to assure all our stakeholders, clients, investors and international partners that we shall not relent in our diligent efforts at enshrining the best corporate governance principles in the Company; meeting our contractual obligations to clients; and adding value to our investors’ funds.

Thank You.


Board of Directors, nahco aviance