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Shareholders Commend NAHCO Staff @ AGM  [14/07/17]

Shareholders Commend NAHCO Staff @ AGM

Shareholders, at the 36th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Company, Thursday, commended the Board, Management and Staff of the Company for a job well done, even in the face of daunting challenges.

The Lagos/Osun Hall, Transcorp Hilton Abuja, venue of the event was already half-filled as at 10.00AM, an hour before the scheduled start of the programme, and by 11:21AM when the meeting kicked off, the Shareholders, most of whom were eager for an accelerated deliberation, had words of commendation for all who contributed to the Company’s success in the year 2016 despite the recession and the difficult operating environment. They were also gladdened by the Profit After Tax of N583million, turnover of N7.8billion and the 22k dividend per share payout by the Company.

The Shareholders took turn to extol the Company for standing firm and being forward-looking, with special acknowledgement of the contributions of the Managing Director, Mr. Norbert Bielderman, who will be exiting the Company shortly and the immediate past Chairman, Mallam Suleiman Yahyah, whose experience they suggested should be tapped into in order to further the fortunes of the Company.

In expressing their confidence in the Board, the Shareholders unanimously carried all resolutions and urged the new Chairman, Architect Usman Bello to build on the success of his predecessor.

They also expressed delight in the appointment of Sir Sunny Nwosu on to the Board, describing the move as an indication that the Board appreciates the contributions of the Shareholders.

The MD/CEO also used the opportunity to give the shareholders his parting words. He said his association with NAHCO had been a very rewarding one. He stated: “My association with nahco aviance which I joined seven years ago had been a very rewarding one. Throughout this time, I had been in Executive Management of the Company, first as a Chief Operating Officer, then as Executive Director, Operations and finally as the MD/CEO.”

He pointed out that under his watch, as COO and as ED, Ops, nahco aviance started the process of re-equipping. He said that the Company modernized the GSEs to the point that he could say today that nahco aviance is probably the best-equipped groundhandler in the sub-region.

He urged the staff to keep the nahco flag flying, adding, “If you will permit my saying this: in life, we all move round. The only difference is that some people move more widely than others. In life, we all gain experiences, but the experiences vary. Every day we are told that the world has become a global village. This village may actually be becoming much smaller than many of us think. I will leave the Company as previously scheduled. If we meet again, that would be excellent. If not, like Shakespeare would say; this parting is well made.

“Whichever way it turns out, I am glad to say: It has been my pleasure serving you.”